We have jointly developed a software application with KNK Building Services Limited. We called it C3 Job Management System , C3 JMS in short.

C3 JMS enables the 3 key elements in operating a successful business - Command, Control and Communication (C3).

C3 JMS is fully customisable

Many off the shelf software are designed with a philosophy of "one size fits all". Although C3 JMS could be deployed in building maintenance businesses with minimal modification, we would encourage businesses to study their business processes and then fine tuned the application to suit their needs. No more bending the way you work just because of the software.

CS JMS is cost effective

C3 JMS has the flexibility of bespoke solution but would not cost any more than similar off the shelf package. We seek to understand your business and provide solution that will achieve results you expect.

If your company is looking to computerised your operation, we would like to hear from you.

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